Tip #5: Write Like You Are Talking To A Friend

There is nothing worse than reading a blog with no personality. People think that they have to take on this serious, boring persona when writing a blog. But they should not be doing that and nor should you. 

The way to avoid that is to deeply think about why you want to have your blog, think about the person you are trying to inform, attract, educate, form a relationship with through your blog. Then write to that person.

In copywriting circles they think deeply about the person they are trying to sell whatever product or service they are writing about, They create a 3D image of that persons likes, dislikes, appearance, age, interests, even political affiliations and more.

They do that so that the messages they create are in line with the market they want to sell to. They understand the aspirations, fears, concerns, problems and desires of that target group.

They then turn that notion into a conversation and that is pretty much what they put down on papers. It flows.

Sometimes part of the sales ploy may purposefully “polarize” a market but by doing so they end up with a self-selecting, often evangelical group of customers, i.e. they are attracting JUST the right audience.

In some case you will not want to polarize but if you are working in a  specific niche perhaps you need too?

Your blog should always be a pleasure to write som maek sure toyu have some fun with it too. Don’t be stiff in your writing style. Be true to who you are too – audience like that and they can tell a phoney when they read one!

People like to read blogs that are conversationalist in nature. People like to read writing that is written at the 7th grade level. People don't want to read large words and hard to read sentences.

People also like it when you talk to them one on one like an old friend. Talk to the reader as if only one person were reading your blog.

Having a unique personality will get you more traffic from people telling people about your site then any "traffic building" technique.

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