Backlinking and google ranking

Backlinking and google ranking

Developing content that is both valuable and easily shared is one way to get backlinks. If the information you provide has significant value, then other people will share it. Your domain authority will increase incrementally each time a link has been created that points back to your website. The value of a link to your website will increase proportionately with the influence of the site that links to it.


Links originating from social networking sites do not have the same weight as links originating from authoritative websites. However, social signals are having an indirect effect on Google results by increasing exposure. The more often something is shared and seen on social media, the greater the likelihood that it will be picked up by another authoritative site and shared from their own domain.

You may link to your own content from either social platforms or other locations on the internet (this is known as external linking), or you can link to it from another piece of content that is hosted on your domain (internal linking). When you link to your own material, you improve its quality, and if you interlink related pieces using keyworded anchor text, you raise the keyword relevance of your own content.

Sharing material extensively on social media increases its exposure and attention, which in turn increases the likelihood of backlinks being generated from high-authority sites. In order to increase domain authority and acquire strong backlinks from other parties, you should first produce content of high quality and then often link back to it yourself, both internally and externally.

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