Featured snippets and SEO

Featured snippets and SEO

When highlighted snippets were originally launched, content providers were concerned that the introduction would result in a reduction in the amount of traffic they received. Would a person still go over to the website if the featured description provided all the information they needed to solve their problem? However, Google has proven that featured snippets do generate traffic to websites. Increasing your chances of achieving a desirable position as a featured snippet may offer a significant boost to your search engine optimization (SEO).

How can I get a featured snippet?

How then can you improve your chances of being included in a snippet? It is still important to develop high-quality content, optimize that content for the appropriate keywords, gain backlinks from other websites that have high domain authority, and deliver a positive user experience. These are the fundamentals of successful search engine optimization.

Wikipedia is the website that shows in featured snippets the most often; hence, if there is an article on Wikipedia that corresponds to your intended search query, it may be difficult to compete with it. However, doing in-depth research on other websites that have been selected for highlighted snippets may provide helpful information on how to improve the content of your own website.

Start with the appropriate keywords, just like you would when optimizing the content of your website for organic search results. Discover which search terms are becoming more popular with the help of Google Trends. You can also check the top searches for your website in the Google Search Console to get a sense of the kind of material that your audience is trying to find.

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