Google analytics and content writing

Google analytics and content writing

Google Analytics is mostly offered as a free service. It comes with a number of paid features, but even the free version is powerful enough for most people's needs. When generating content for SEO, you may use the information that is provided in Google Analytics to use.

All that is essential of you is to add the URL to your website as a "property" in your Google Analytics account and then copy and paste the analytics tracking JavaScript into the header or footer of the template for your website. Google Analytics does not cost anything. Access to Google Analytics is available to everyone who has a Google account, which is a fairly standard requirement these days.

Before you continue, regardless of whether you plan to generate SEO content or not, you should install Google Analytics on your website. This will allow the service to begin monitoring and aggregating your data, and in a few weeks, you will have some insights that you can put to good use.

Content in addition to Google analytics

When you begin watching the traffic to your website, you will realize that you are no longer producing the SEO content for your site in the dark, relying only on your best-educated guesses. Google Analytics provides you with reliable statistics on the ways in which people consume your material and the responses they have to it, which is really crucial information to have.

You may find out which search phrases and keywords people are most often using in order to locate your website by utilizing the insights provided by the search console. You may also find out from Google Analytics how much time visitors spend perusing your web pages and blog entries. You can be certain that people are not reading your material if the amount of time they spend on your website is really brief—just a few seconds at most. 

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