Images in a content and google ranking

Images in a content and google ranking

Your website's photos might slow down the loading time of the page, which can, in turn, lower your domain authority. As Google advances toward offering greater search engine results page ranking to websites that make an attempt to be accessible, images that aren't labeled with alt text may also hinder your site's usability. When it comes to loading, images may be particularly difficult for mobile devices, particularly if they are not appropriately compressed or scaled.

Images in a content and google rankings

If you take the time to properly augment the images on your website for viewing on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, those images will become an advantage rather than a problem. Additionally, many website configurations enable photos to function as clickable links, which gives you the ability to enhance your site's power while also improving its interlinking structure.

Your website's Google rankings may suffer as a result of a number of factors, including but not limited to: large picture file sizes, poor compression, a lack of alternative text, and an inability to show properly on mobile devices. Every picture should be compressed, and the appropriate size should be used. Construct alternative content that is interesting and optimized for keywords, and make use of your photos as anchors for high-value internal links.

Therefore, images in the content are extremely important to drive the content to your website and thereby increasing the audience engagement on the web. It is suggested to put at least two images, including the alt content, in your articles to get a better reach.

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