Topics and content creation

Topics and content creation

When writing, it is important to decide what it is that you want to speak about. Get back to the writing pad and start questioning yourself with the inquiries that your clients have. If you require some raw ideas, try a search engine and check out what happens when you type your product or service into the search field to see what suggestions it generates automatically.

Start brainstorming about issues that your customers may be experiencing and how your solution can help address those issues. This will result in the generation of keyword and subject clusters such as "restaurants in Italy" or "wonders of the globe." The more creative ideas you are able to come up with, the better!

Content creation

Do you prefer video, infographics, or blogs to communicate your message? It will be convenient for you to determine what your client personas desire if you are familiar with the top SEO methods and the content that they consume.

For instance, if you own a business that sells baby supplies, providing video tutorials on how to set up car seats and adjust belts would be quite valuable to your customers. Put yourself into one of your consumers. Manuals are not something that should be read by parents who are already so busy. In light of the fact that they will be occupied with wrangling a busy toddler, they would like to watch a movie instead. Customers who are interested in convenience and ease of consumption are best served by ingesting material in the form of video.

On the other side, you may own a bicycle business that sells items that have been partially disassembled in order to make their shipping dimensions more manageable. It is possible to appeal to a wider range of learners by including a link to a video as well as an infographic handbook. Different learners comprehend instructions in various ways.

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