Website and author E-A-T

Website and author E-A-T

Website E-A-T and author E-A-T are the two categories of E-A-T that Google takes into account when determining search results. It is essential to pay attention to the E-A-T of the author as well as the E-A-T of the website. You might be hurting your overall E.A.T. if your website has a lot of established authority, but you're recruiting authors who aren't subject matter experts.

Consider the following: Would it be more helpful for you to read an article about nutrition that was written by a nutritionist with ten years of clinical expertise, or would you rather read an article about nutrition that was written by an SEO copywriter who was recruited to generate content that targeted particular keywords? It's possible that the latter strategy was successful in the past, but now that Google is placing a greater focus on E-A-T, its algorithms will give more weight to articles published by individuals who are widely recognized as being subject matter experts.

Improving E-A-T

How can you go about increasing your E-A-T score now that we have a better understanding of what the E-A-T is and why it is important? Even while there are a number of actions that you are able to (and should do) take on your website to establish E-A-T, it is quite unlikely that this will be sufficient for Google to consider you a subject matter expert. Demonstrating your level of competence both on and off your websites is required in order to improve your E-A-T score.

Establishing Expertise, Authority, and Trust will be difficult for you if you are not already considered an authority in your profession. It is possible that you will require the assistance of subject matter experts during the time that you are pursuing additional education or certifications in your industry, joining professional organizations, conducting or publishing original research, attending conferences, and developing your expertise in other ways. In this case, you may need to hire or partner with subject matter experts.

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