What is pillar content?

What is pillar content?

The area of content marketing is one that is fraught with difficulty. Our plans and techniques, as well as the technologies and platforms that we make use of, are always undergoing a change in order to better accommodate the requirements of Internet users, enterprises, and individual consumers. One of these innovative approaches to content marketing is called pillar content.

Pillar content

A page on your website that serves as the thematic foundation for a significant amount of the information on your site is referred to as "pillar content." You could have also come across the term "cornerstone content" in reference to this. The term "pillar content" refers to a substantial piece of writing that is more than 10,000 words in length and serves as the centerpiece and focal point for a number of subject clusters. Users may access a network of resources that are linked to this topic from a single page by clicking on one of the many links that are scattered throughout the text.

A marketing firm, for instance, may compose a pillar page devoted to the subject of marketing on Facebook. The collective noun for these types of content groups is "theme cluster." Each cluster has a link that goes to the content page of the pillar and vice versa. As a result, the creation of a network of material that is both instructional and exciting for people to interact with.

Bear in mind that the material that serves as your pillars cannot exist on its own. It is not possible for it to be a single web page since there must be linkages to other information on your website. If you don't provide any context, it's simply another piece on your site.

Your pillar content and the pieces that correspond to it should not be developed in a rush if you want them to be effective within the context of your content marketing plan as a whole. It should get an equal level of attention and inventiveness (if not somewhat more), on par with the rest of your content marketing efforts (if not more).

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